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At Engaged Partners, we work closely with inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and CEO's to help them take their ideas, their passions, their companies and their investment portfolios to the next level.

It is an incredible time to be an entrepreneur
It has never been easier to start a company and there are thousands of angel investors and venture capitalists standing by willing to fund great teams. However, raising capital doesn't mean that a company will become successful and the reality is that most investors can't give entrepreneurs what they need the most: their time, energy and guidance. We take the time.

Its a challenging time to be a CEO
CEO's and boards of established companies are having trouble innovating fast enough. They too lack the time to be able to look in from the outside with a new perspective. We work with CEOs, their boards and their management teams to bring a new perspective to their existing assets and identify new areas of opportunity.

Its an exciting time to be a Philanthropist
We have never had the tools that we have today to bring about large scale impact and the ability to measure that impact in real time. We work with passionate individuals, foundations, non-profits and government entities to understand their passions and requirements, identify a strategy, and then execute on the required levers to leverage resources where they will have the most impact.

Managing Partners (MPs) focus on running investment funds and Limited Partners (LPs) focus on investing in those funds.

At Engaged Partners (EPs), we focus on you.

New Approach to Health & Happiness

World-class education for anyone anywhere

Revolution Through Competition

News Radio Rebooted for all of us!

Highly reliable and intelligent competitions

Changing the way people think.

Targeting humanity’s grand challenges.

The next paradigm of transportation.

Sensors will reshape your game.

Blended learning in your neighborhood

Healthy affordable food for your community

Give a year, Change the world.

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Swell: The New Audio Experience

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From “Me” to “We”: Are You Ready to Shift?

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In 2011 Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein launched Asana, a collaborative task management application that they said would improve “the way teams communicate and collaborate.” They generated a lot of buzz at the time because of their rock-star engineer status and track records at Facebook, and it turns out the buzz was justified. Asana is now the first tool I hear mentioned when someone asks, “What application should we use to manage all this work?” Now, together with the team he and Dustin have built at Asana, Justin has once again captured my attention.

Last week, I stumbled upon a live feed from the Wisdom 2.0 Conference. Justin was on stage giving a talk called, “Do Great Things: Understanding and Compassion.” While watching Justin’s talk, it became crystal clear to me that Asana’s mission, vision, and culture were driven by a much greater calling than just making our work easier. More on Huffington Post


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