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From “Me” to “We”: Are You Ready to Shift?

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In 2011 Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein launched Asana, a collaborative task management application that they said would improve “the way teams communicate and collaborate.” They generated a lot of buzz at the time because of their rock-star engineer status and track records at Facebook, and it turns out the buzz was justified. Asana is now the first tool I hear mentioned when someone asks, “What application should we use to manage all this work?” Now, together with the team he and Dustin have built at Asana, Justin has once again captured my attention.

Last week, I stumbled upon a live feed from the Wisdom 2.0 Conference. Justin was on stage giving a talk called, “Do Great Things: Understanding and Compassion.” While watching Justin’s talk, it became crystal clear to me that Asana’s mission, vision, and culture were driven by a much greater calling than just making our work easier. More on Huffington Post